Manchester Colour Run 2nd July 2016

This weekend, July 2nd 2016 the whole Fit for parenting family took part in the colour run! We had a great time and were super proud of the kids who completed their first 5k run.

We had seen the color run a lot as a lot of friends have completed it over the past few years, my facebook timeline would be inundated with fab pics of friends covered in paint, however we hadn’t ever entered ourselves. When some of Brutus’ school friends said they were going to set up a team we thought it would be a great chance to do an event as a family.

Last year we did a lot of obstacle course runs, these are pretty hard core for grown ups so certainly not something we could let the kids join in, however Papa bear had filmed the races and the kids got very excited to do a run with us.

This seemed like the perfect way to get the kids interested in races. The colour run (or color run) is pitched as the happiest race and sponsored by skittles.

before the colour run manchester

We signed up a few months ago as part of the team, quite a few of Brutus’ school friends also signed up so we thought it would be a nice social occasion as well as a good introduction to races, also we thought the pride of completing the race in front of their friends would help motivate them to run the whole race.

The packs came through and on the morning of the race we had a big breakfast and got the kids excited by putting on the transfers/tattoos, Brutus’ pack hadn’t arrived so we had to try to spread it all out. The T shirt for Furby was too big so I had got the kids two plain white t shirts and Furby enjoyed wearing a tutu and her pink converses.

We piled into the car with spare clothes and treats for after the race and hoped the weather would hold out. As we drove from Cheshire to Manchester city centre and the Manchester City stadium we saw the weather turn from a sunny day to dark clouds and intermittent floods of rain.

Manchester Colour Run – Etihad Stadium

We parked a bit away from the stadium and walked in, there were lots of people walking in all wearing tutus and we even spotted some older children from Brutus’ school. However there were so many people we couldn’t find any of our team.

The atmosphere was great, we were able to pick up a race pack for Brutus at the green tent and we gave him his t shirt and number so he felt official. Metro were there giving out freebies which the kids loved and the music was pumping at the start live with a good dj who kept the crowd excited with loads of mexican waves, freebies, and jokes.


The colour run was started off in waves and we started running round the route, the kids were very excited to get to the first station, which was red (or Pink as Furby said) Papa bear got out clean whereas me and the kids were covered. Furby then started complaining she only wanted pink paint none of the other colours. The volunteers were great and only through paint at the t shirts and clothes but it was very dusty and the kids complained it got in their eyes. Next year we will wear sunglasses or goggles as we saw a lot of children wearing them. We had to lift the kids a bit higher during the race to prevent any paint getting in their eyes.

manchester colour run after

The kids were completely taken in with the atmosphere and ran the whole way (apart from being carried through the paint and a few cuddles for Furby). Brutus loved to high five the other runners as they went past and Furby loved the bubbles.

At the end we managed to catch up with some of our friends but there was also some heavy rain so we set off home unfortunately missing a lot of our friends.

We filmed the race which you can view on Papa Bears You Tube channel.

We will definitely do this again next year, and bring a few more friends with us.