Father’s Day Watch Ideas

Tag Heuer watch fathers day

Papa Bear has been a rock for me these past few months, dealing with different types of grief, and without him I would have probably had a relapse of depression. So as Fathers day approaches I wanted to get him something special.

When we got engaged I bought him 2 watches (I got a diamond ring of course) and he has worn them a lot. However 7 years later and I think a really special gift to thank him for being there for our family would be a watch. I spoke to Precision Time watches (a watch company local to us) and he recommended these.

So this fathers day for an extra special treat I decided to get him another watch, to show how much we appreciate him for being there for us. They are expensive but he is worth it, and I can double up as an anniversary present next month - and maybe birthday and Christmas too ha ha.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5

Tag heuer is a huge name in the timepiece industry and has represented high class in their timepieces for over 150 years. This Swiss timepiece brand was founded in the alpine village of St Imer and has been a representation of quality ever since. If you want to be able to give your father something of high quality with a brand behind it then Tag Heuer is always a good starting point in your search.

This specific TAG Heuer timepiece  is an elegant timepiece with its two-tone design and sleek exterior. The timepiece has a case size of 39mm, which means its big enough to be noticed but not so large as to demand attention, in turn giving it a refined set of characteristics. The timepiece comes in a stainless steel casing, rose gold indices and an anthracite grey face to be able to add to its flawless design.

Calibre de Cartier Diver

Cartier was properly established in 1899 in the city of Paris and from there it dominated the world. The brand its self-selling some of the most fine and high quality jewellery money can buy and in turn they were entrusted wit the jewels of aristocrats, Indian maharajas and even the royal family of Russia. This high quality finish and heritage within the brand is the main reason the timepieces have made our list as the perfect present for father’s day.

The Cartier range is all very high class and perfectly constructed, however the Calibre de Cartier Diver  excels indefinitely. The timepiece its self is an 18k pink gold crown, the hands are Sapphire Crystal and the casing its self is stainless steel. The case diameter comes to 42mm making it larger than your average timepiece, however due to its colours and sleek design it does not make too bold a statement when worn.

Omega Seamaster

Omega has long been a watch brand that has achieved and done what no other brand would do; their watches are made specifically for the gent on the go, as they are usually shockproof and have a high level of water resistance. Omega reinforces this man on the go branding by being the first watch to reach the moon on the Apollo missions and being the watch featured in the James Bond Films.

The classic Omega Seamaster has long been an amazing piece of engineering and an ore-inspiring timepiece. This specific Seamaster is made specifically for diving and in turn has a water resistant depth of 300m; it also boasts a 4-year warranty due to its heavy-duty nature and also has a 41mm diameter casing.

Breitling Classics

Brietling is one of the only independent and family ran Swiss timepiece brands still in existence.  After being the inventor of the automatic Chronomatic, the chronograph and the Navi-Timer, which completely shaped aviation. The brand its self is definitely one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

The Brietling Navitimer is one of the most iconic timepieces it history, it has changed the lives of just about every pilot from the 50′s to now with it’s innovate and revolutionary design and the invention of the instruments it holds. The timepiece its self has a 46mm stainless steel casing which houses its in-house made chronometer, chronograph stop watch and calendar. All backed by a timeless sleek design, which makes it perfect for any father during father’s day.


Gucci is a huge brand internationally and specialises in all aspects of fashion from clothing to accessories to timepieces. Gucci its self is an Italian brand that was founded in Florence in 1921 before seeing rapid expansion around the world due to its high class and glamorous designs. It is now on the forefront of fashion and one of the biggest brands in the world for both fashion and timepieces.

The Gucci G-Round is an amazing timepiece that is a favourite of the more mature gent. The timepiece its self-comes with the signature G which has represented the brand for nearly 100 years. It is comprised of a black dial with Gucci speciality brown leather strap and a bronze 44mm diameter case. The watch is also water resistant to 100m and on appearance bares a sleek design that demands the attention of those around you.

I’m still struggling which one to choose. Which one would you choose?