Brutus and Furby

I have 2 children, they are my 2 miracles who I cherish every day, they are my pride and joy and I will often mention them here, they are my sproglings!

I thought I would use this post to indroduce my 2 cherubs (loose term) to you.


Brutus is the Pseudonym for my little boy he was born in January 2011, a huge 9lbs 2oz at 39 weeks and has remained on the 98th percentile for weight. That being said he is not fat but has broad shoulders and never stops running and lifting things. Although I nicknamed him Brutus he has a kind heart and is a good boy.


Furby is my little girl, born by elective c section at 37 weeks in February 2013, she was a petite 7lbs 3oz and from day one has had big eyes hence earning her the nickname Furby. She didn’t stay as petite and is growing like a weed enjoying baby led weaning at the moment and breastfed but she is my baby girl with the big eyes.

I will mention these two a lot throughout this blog discussing how they are changing and growing and to protect their privacy will only refer them by the names ‘Brutus’ and ‘Furby’.

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