Toppik Volumizing Spray

Toppik root volumizing spray

Toppik UK sent me their latest product the Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray to test out, as a self confessed slummy mummy this seemed like a great product to make my life easier.

Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

I have tried a number of dry shampoos over the years, more recently a quick spray of dry shampoo for the school run helps me look a bit more presentable after a double drop off. My daughter is in full cling on mood these days so trying to get a morning shower is problematic. Dry shampoo is the perfect temporary solution for days when I am in a rush.

The only problem with dry shampoo is it doesn’t do a great deal, since I got my hair cut for charity I can’t just scrape my hair back and hold with dry shampoo spray.

My hair is naturally fine and flat even washing and blow drying doesn’t guarantee volume for long and short hair styles I feel need a bit of volume.

Toppik Root Volumizing Spray

The Toppik Volumizing spray arrived in a lovely box, they actually sent me the volumizing serum as well to try out which I will get onto in another blog later. It was really well presented with black tissue paper.


The packaging was really nice and I liked the design of the spray, it felt expensive and like a quality beauty product. The spray is lightweight and after a quick application adds volume instantly and also makes hair appear less greasy.

See the results below.


These images are taken from when I did the video below so there is no styling just simple application in seconds, from the video you can see how effective this is.

I have been using this product regularly now for a few months and I still have quite a lot left in the spray, I have been combining this with reverse shampooing to try to add volume all the time and it is having great results.

The root volumizing spray from Toppik is great on clean hair as well and lasts well for a full day and night. I recently travelled to Plymouth and had to quickly get ready for dinner so used it and it lasted well till 11pm at night.

I really like this product and will definitely be buying it more regularly. The Toppik Root Volumizing spray is available from Toppik UK and at the time of writing this is only £15.95.