The End of My Breastfeeding journey

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All good things come to an end, as much as you worry your child will be breastfeeding forever, you know in reality they won’t be breastfeeding as you pack them off to Uni.

World Breastfeeding week has been lovely, and very nostalgic for me. I stopped breastfeeding my youngest a year ago, well she weaned me off as I would have happily carried on.

My son stopped breastfeeding when I needed to go on antibiotics, I didn’t have the support from doctors or information to know of other options so when he was just over a year old I stopped for 7 days. He never went back to the boob but was getting plenty of nutrients elsewhere. I was proud of him growing up, as you are with your first, we knew we would be trying for another child so I knew that wasn’t the end of my breastfeeding journey and having done it once I knew I could do it again.

My daughter, my last, was different, I wanted to breastfeed her for years and not stop, but my independent little girl one day just decided enough was enough. In fairness to her she isn’t a big fan of milk as a drink and was still happy to snuggle (still is) but I felt she weaned me off breastfeeding.

It wasn’t hard as she wasn’t taking much milk, so I wasn’t producing much, the hardest part was emotionally. However I am proud my 14 month girl knew what she wanted and she has never changed.

Although seeing them grow up is exciting and I love their independence it is a bit poignant knowing I will never have those moments back.

I am proud that although it wasn’t easy I managed to breastfeed them for so long, I should be allowed to be proud because it isn’t easy and there isn’t always good support around. That doesn’t mean I would have been less proud formula feeding, or that I don’t realise formula feeding is difficult.

We all have our own victories, the mum who gets up and prepares formula in the middle of the night, the adoptive parents who love a child unconditionally without prejudice, the grandparents raising their grandchild, or the breast feeder who winces in pain.

It isn’t easy being a parent, so lets celebrate each others victories and be happy we have choices.

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