Awesome Christmas Video #xmasjammies

This video by a family puts my homemade christmas cards to shame but it is so good it has to be shared, christmas jammies viral video!

Christmas Jammies Viral Video

It is hard keeping touch with people and letting them know what is happening in your families life, once upon a time people would write letters at Christmas letting people know what has been happening in their families lives. Just a summary of the best bits – so Furby is crawling (was born this year) Brutus started pre school and was a Shepherd in the nativity – that sort of thing.

These letters are less common, as is letter writing, and with it people are more detached, we rely on facebook updates to know what our own family are doing. However this family have gone one better and created a video rap/song to let their family – and the world- know about their own highlights from the past year and big news for next year.

This video is a great way of getting little snippets of information across and is so funny, the Christmas Jammies element and poking fun at themselves is fantastic it is no wonder the Christmas Jammies video went viral.

News presenter Penn Holderness and his over achieving family made the video with their own lyrics to the music of Will Smiths Miami. They include everyone and are obviously a very loving and fun filled family who like to have fun as well as work hard. I am a little intimidated by the daughter who can speak some Chinese and play the piano at her age but love the fact their 4 year old son loves superhero t shirts.

Enjoy the Christmas Jammies Viral Video I loved it lol.