Misunderstood – A teen and his technology

This advert from apple had me crying this morning as I watched what seemed to be a disaffected teen glued to his phone surprise his family with a thoughtful gift. Watch and see for yourself.

Smart phones, tablets and technology have been under fire recently as they are seen as a cause for distance between children and their families and friends. Of course everything when over used can cause issues in some way but technology used in the right way can be magical. We are not getting rid of technology so why not embrace what it can do and share with your children.

This video shows how a misunderstood teen uses technology to surprise his family as to how much her really is taking in, although Apple’s original intention is to show people they can give their children this technology and it won’t hurt, it also demonstrates that although your child may be using a phone or a tablet they may also be taking in a lot of what is going on around them. I am thinking of a child I know who never looks up from his tablet and his family think he is not aware of what they are saying.

It also shows the potential of technology if you use it properly and mix it with love and fun activities.