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dress to impress breastfeeding

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Finding the perfect dress for a special occasion is hard enough without needing to account for leaky boobs, emergency access and industrial bras.

Being a Yummy Mummy is more of a dream for me than a reality but like most of us I scrub up OK when needed. We seemed to be having a spate of weddings when my 2 were breastfeeding, this meant lots of pretty dresses and outfits. However not all dresses are particularly breastfeeding friendly, and not all breastfeeding friendly dresses are nice.

Shopping for the perfect Dress

When buying a dress after having a baby you need expectation management, you may not have a bump any more but your body is far from that of of your pre pregnancy self. Yes some women bounce back quick, others take years but you need to manage your expectations to stop yourself from becoming a hormonal heap of tears in the changing rooms – this happened to me many times.

Realise that your hips have carried a baby, they are a bit bigger, whether you are breastfeeding or not your boobs will be bigger and need more support than your pre pregnancy self. You may be one of the lucky ones who ‘snap’ back. But most of us end up looking 3 to 6 months pregnant for a good few weeks or months after having a baby.

If you are breastfeeding at the do, you need to have quick access, if you are getting a few hours away but still breastfeed you need to make sure you have a sturdy bra with extra pads for any leakage, a bit of give for those ever expanding boobs throughout the day/night.

With that in mind, you can look absolutely amazing and feel comfortable.

Buying the perfect breastfeeding dress

There are plenty of breastfeeding dresses around, and also places you can hire a breastfeeding dress, these tend to be expensive and as pretty as I personally would like. I did hire a breastfeeding dress which was very convenient but the choice was a bit limited.

So having a baby took me from a size 8 to a 14, realise in the Trafford Center of all places I had gone up 3 dress sizes was horrible especially those days when everything makes you breakdown into tears. However a slightly more rational me noticed that my boobs had gone from a 32C to a 34DD give or take a feed. I had to account a larger boob size plus manoeuvrability.

To hide the areas I felt insecure about I went retro, I would go for nice big skirts 1950′s style which would make my waist look smaller and hide my larger hips and thighs.

I really struggled to fine dresses that looked nice and would lift up so accesorised with scarfs to discretely tuck my baby under.

I wanted to feel pretty again and I felt many of the dresses specifically meant for breastfeeding were either very basic or very expensive. So I made do with what I could, also knowing that when I lost weight I could get the dresses taken in and would still have a pretty dress.

Although it was a bit tricky at times, it worked fine and I felt good – which is the most important thing!

dress to impress breastfeeding

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