Hair Cut for Cancer

Sadie sherran long hair
I am getting my hair cut – if you know me this is a rare occurrence and quite a big deal as I have turned into a bit of a slummy mummy since having children, but this time I am getting it cut for cancer.

Donating Hair to Charity

I decided I wanted to get my hair cut short a while ago, I am sick of the pony tail or top knot I always seem to have my hair in. We have a family wedding coming up so booked a long awaited hair cut for that. I then decided why not really get it cut, a different style and cut off all the length, this could then be donated to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that accepts hair donations to make wigs for children and people who have lost their hair to cancer.

I spoke to my hairdresser who agreed it would be good and suggested we make it a fundraising event.

So the day before I fly to Greece for a family wedding I will be cutting my hair short- very short. And at least 7 inches will be sent to the charity to be made into wigs.

Raising Money for Cancer Research

As this is a cancer related charity I thought I would try to raise some money towards cancer research and have set up a fundraising page. After this event I will be raising funds with a half marathon event but for now it is for the hair cut.

Please can you donate a few pounds to this great cause, even if it is just to see me cry as 7, 8, maybe even 9 inches of hair are chopped off! Goodbye luscious long locks, hello short hair and hopefully a brighter future for people who are diagnosed with cancer in the future.


The more money raised the more hair I will cut and donate

So I have very very long hair and 7 inches as the minimum would still leave me with a long bob. I have been overwhelmed with support from friends and family and close to my target in less than 24 hours so I want to challenge you… The more you can donate and share the more hair I will cut.

To give you an idea I have set up a pinterest board of hair cuts that I am looking at for each. Although it is wrong I am hoping I don’t raise more than £1250 as this would be shorter than I want to go. From having long hair to my elbows a pixie cut is scary – actually cutting more than 9 inches off is scaring me but I will do it for charity so please donate!

Cancer research helps all areas of cancer from breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukaemia, Hodgkin’s etc etc so this is a very worthy cause that could prolong or save someone’s life, someone you know!


If you want to sponsor me for this, or any event I am doing, please use my Justgiving page and don’t forget to gift aid it.