Fun and Games

Me At bodypower

Last night I remembered something important about fitness, it doesn’t have to be hard work, it can just be fun and games.

I’ve been really struggling to get my mojo back, after a series of friends and family dying over the past few months I’ve been less focused on my blog and my health and just in survival mode trying to cope with every day life.

I’ve kept saying I’ll get back on the wagon but every time some more bad news has hit us and my coping strategy has been to eat and drink alcohol.

I’m still feeling numb from recent events and grieving but I need to get healthy again, I have little to motivate me but I know once I am back in the routine I will feel better, it will help me cope, help my mood and help me feel more energy as all I want to do right now is sleep.

I’ve been going to the gym but I have no focus, no goal and really no clue, this means a short session that doesn’t really help me.

Fitness is Fun

Last night I joined a local jogging group, I know a few Mums who do it and they encouraged me to join, I also know the leader of the group so going wasn’t too much out of my comfort zone.

I walked/jogged to the group as it is about 2km from my house, I didn’t want to overdo it as I wasn’t sure what to expect and 6 months of overindulging has seriously affected my stamina and fitness.


When I got there we did some stretches and balance movements, it was a circuit day as they alternate long jogs with circuits and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

In the end we played games, not unlike a PE lesson, it was fun and I spent a lot of time laughing but also doing short bursts of running, moving around, bending and thinking.

We were playing.

I had a great time and without realising it I had worked most muscle groups, it was fun and active. As I have no particular goals at the moment this was a great way to get back into exercise and I will definitely keep going. I think I will try to get to the running day as well and also include some strength workouts at the gym and at home but this way of getting fit is something I want to stick with.

Kids play all the time, they climb, run, dance, hop, skip, jump… they play.

Fitness doesn’t have to be hard work, we need to remember that our bodies are built for activity and remember what it was like to have fun playing, have fun running till your heart pounded in your chest, climbed and skipped till you dropped. Fitness can be fun.