From June 2014


Week 10 of M10

This week started really well but crashed down by the end as I have caught a bug, really disappointed as wanted to push these last weeks of m10 fitness hard.

Run like a girl

Like A Girl

This video by Always challenges the concept of ‘like a girl’ as a negative, it is deep rooted in society that the female gender are weaker than men.



A friend said to me one day we will look back and think that this was the making if him. I hope so, if anyone can turn it into a positive it is my superboy.

childrens confidence


I have always struggled with confidence, from being a young child I have always been shy and quiet. This is why I really want my children to be confident.

Sadie Sherran fit parent

Pretty Muddy

This weekend I completed Pretty Muddy race for life. I had a great time running round Tatton Park climbing over, under and through obstacles.  It…


Week 8 of M10

Eek week 8 and been terrible the past few weeks. Everything that was going on with Brutus’ preschool, illness, injury and childcare problems has caused…