From May 2014

Week 5 of M10

Week 5 has been my breaking point but like many things when you break them they can be rebuilt stronger and that is how I feel with M10 fitness this week.



After complaining to M10fitness that I felt my allocated personal trainer was not a good fit for me M10 have been posting various things that…

Week 4 of M10

Week 4 has been my worst week so far, even to the point of nearly giving up. Not because it’s too hard but because I felt completely demotivated by my m10 pt

SASCon 2014

I am lucky enough to be speaking at Manchester’s biggest Search, Analytics and Social conference in June this year. SASCon on the content marketing panel

Week 2 of M10

I am in my second week of a 12 week personal training regime from M10fitness, After last week feeling utterly demotivated I have gotten my mojo back again