Trying to be a Fit Parent

This is my blog, it is about my trials and tribulations being a working Mum of a boy and a girl, and also my enthusiasm about fitness and health. Most of my blogs are about this but sometimes I will post about other things.
My main interests at the moment are parenting, fitness, digital marketing and general news, however if you want to find out more on my more corporately correct thoughts on digital marketing then take a look at my company website. This blog is more for my opinions, musings on my life and the odd rant.

body image

The Perfect body

I guess we all have the perfect body, we were just born in the wrong era. The idea of a perfect body is different for all, society determines what is attractive

one day hold my hand

One Day

One day you won’t wake me up early One day you won’t cry over ridiculous things One day you won’t have tantrums One day you…


The Scales

The dreaded scales! For years, weight has been the defining metric in fitness and health, right down to working out your BMI, are you underweight or obese.

pregnancy test


I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms lately that a quick google search will tell me I’m pregnant, am I? I had to take a pregnancy test and see for sure.

anonymity child x

Child X

Child X hit my son aggressively, daily at preschool for months, but I don’t blame child X and I am protecting Child X’s anonymity, this is why.


As a Mum trying to be a good parent I use this blog to organise my thoughts, fears, ideas, and document those little things only I care about to do with my children. I am a big fan of other parenting blogs and take inspiration from these Mums who I feel are doing a great job. This blog will be quite child indulgent as my chilren are the biggest and most important part of my life.

Health and Fitness

I am no expert but I would consider myself a fitness enthusiast, I use exercise to help me fight depression which I have suffered from since I was a teenager. I enjoy different work outs and routines and try to eat healthily although I enjoy food and wine so certainly not a true dedicated fitness fanatic :)